Welcome to the official site for Out of Frame!

We’re a one hour interview/conversational podcast which will also be video live-streamed.

Why did I choose this name? It just seemed fitting. It’s the idea that modern day life is presented in frames. Everything is an Instagram, a tweet, a status update, or sound bite. It’s a perfectly composed idea. Every selfie or plate of food is intentional. Just like a movie, the frame leads our eye to tell a specific narrative.

I’m not interested in that.

This will be a show that’s a conversation. Everything from folks working in the film industry, to tech, politics, sports, music, entrepreneurs, and more. It’s not here to promote any specific project, though we’ll be discussing people’s work. I want to know the why, the how, and the process. Besides, it’s through actual conversations with others, that we learn more about ourselves.

I want to pull the thread and discover what’s happening just out of frame.

More details, times, and guest announcements to come. Stay tuned.


(Special thanks to DJ Field for the logo!)